"It all started one day when I asked myself: what if there was a swimsuit that could minimize tan marks from the sun?

I quickly realized how fantastic it would be to have clothing in our day-to-day lives that would allow us to get tan - not only at the beach, but also when sporting. This is what led to the creation of Pow-Wow Tribe, and since 2018 we've been selling bathing suits and sportswear that looks good, feels good, and allows you to tan through the fabric.

I started the brand at the age of 25 years old in Portugal, where I was born and raised. However, in 2018, I moved to the Netherlands, where I ended up establishing new partnerships for the design and development of Pow-Wow products. Despite the design being developed in Amsterdam, all of our production is done in the north of Portugal, where we have excellent professionals that guarantee our top manufacturing quality.

It is with great joy that I see our team growing and I can testify about the amazing collaboration from different nationalities and cultures at Pow-Wow Tribe.

I hope our brand inspires you to enjoy more good times in the sun!"

Daniela Francisco, Founder


Pow-Wow products stand out with creative designs as the patterns are hand painted with watercolour, stencil pen, and other drawing techniques.
The design of our clothing is inspired by natural elements and colors.